Protect your family and your health with a personal life or health insurance policy in Utah.Health Insurance Salt Lake City

Planning for the unexpected is always a good idea.  A life and health insurance policy for you and your family can help protect against unforeseen medical situations.

At Archibald Insurance Agency, we have access to many life and health insurance companies in Utah. As an independent agent, we will find the best rate and policy for you and your family.

Health Insurance in Utah

Protect your greatest asset – your body – with a health insurance policy from Archibald Insurance Agency.

You and your family need to be protected in the event of unforeseen medical expenses.  At Archibald Insurance Agency, we will hunt for a policy that meets your needs. A health insurance plan from Archibald Insurance Agency will help cover your medical expenses for medical, surgical and other hospital and doctor billed expenses. Plans differ and some cover mental health, prescription drugs and dental expenses. We have access to the best companies in Utah, ask your Archibald Insurance Agent about a health insurance policy. You agent will explain in detail the different options such as deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance to ensure you choose the right plan for your situation.

To find out more about health insurance and what policy may be best for you, contact a licensed agent today at Archibald Insurance Agency at 801-261-8988

Frequently Asked Questions about Health Insurance

Who has the cheapest health insurance?

The cheapest health insurance may depend on what type of health insurance you qualify for. For instance, group health insurance rates are typically less than individual rates. To get the best idea of what your rates might be, simply contact a health insurance agent for a quote. Quotes take just a few minutes.

How much should I expect to pay a month for individual health insurance?

You could expect individual health insurance premiums to cost somewhere between $100-750 a month. While this is a large spread, the cost of health insurance varies greatly depending on your age and how comprehensive your health insurance plan is.

When is open enrollment for health insurance?

Open enrollment is from November 1st – December 15th.