RV Insurance in Salt Lake City, Utah

RV Insurance Agent Salt Lake CityWith an RV, you don’t have to worry about booking flights, hotel rooms and spending lots of money just getting to your destination.  You can get up and go anytime you like!  Have one less worry with knowing that Archibald Insurance Agency offers specialized RV insurance in Salt Lake City for your home on the road.

It’s More Than a Vehicle, It’s A Lifestyle!

RV enthusiasts encounter unique situations while out on the road. With that in mind, talk to your Archibald Insurance Agency agent today about optional specialized coverages such as:

  • Total Loss Replacement – provides you with a new, comparably-equipped RV if your RV is totaled within its first few years.
  • Replacement Cost Personal Effects – pays for the replacement of your personal items in your RV that resulted from a covered loss. Coverage options vary, so ask about what options are available for you today.
  • Vacation Liability – pays for Bodily Injury and Property Damage losses that occur at your vacation site. Ask your agent about policy limits.
  • Emergency Expense coverage – pays your expenses for hotels and transportation due to a covered loss.  Coverage options vary, so ask your agent what option is best for you.
  • No Windshield Deductible – Zero glass deductible available through some companies.

Get Out on the Road and Enjoy the World of RVing!

Archibald Insurance Agency offers coverage for recreational vehicles including:

  • Type A motorhomes
  • Type B motorhomes
  • and Type C motorhomes
  • as well as sport utility recreational vehicles.

Archibald Insurance Agency also offers insurance coverage for towable RVs, including:

  • travel trailers
  • fifth-wheel travel trailers
  • travel trailers with expandable ends
  • folding camper trailers
  • and truck campers.